Smoking adversely affects IVF treatment!

Smoking adversely affects IVF treatment!

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In vitro fertilization is a method used to provide pregnancy to couples suffering from infertility. Couples who decide to have IVF should stay away from certain behaviors and habits that may adversely affect the treatment in order to be successful. IVF treatment involves a very sensitive period from beginning to end. During this period, the expectant mother should pay attention to many things. Especially if the expectant mother smokes, she should give up her smoking habit at least 3 months before starting treatment. Because smoking will make the treatment process difficult and also a factor that negatively affects the development of the baby.- How does smoking affect the reproductive system?Smoking normally affects the production of estrogen. Therefore, in the treatment of in vitro fertilization, it can affect the reproductive system negatively and change the course of treatment. Smoking damages the areas where the baby will develop and makes it difficult for the pregnancy to cling to the womb of the mother. If the maternal age is over 35, the rate of conception by IVF treatment is only 20-30%. And if the mother smokes, the chance of successful treatment is further reduced. Smoking can cause serious problems in the reproductive system and function, and may cause early menopause. Although the exact cause of early menopause cannot be explained today, smoking has a large share in this regard. Women who smoke too much are more likely to have early menopause compared to other women.- What problems can smoking cause on pregnancy?The chemicals contained in the cigarette can cause chromosomal disorders and some anomalies in the unborn baby. Regardless of the age of the expectant mother, the risk of imperfect infant formation, miscarriage and stillbirth may arise due to smoking. Pregnant mothers who are on IVF treatment and continue to smoke are highly likely to have a low pregnancy even if pregnancy is achieved. There is no point in the inclusion of smoking candidates in IVF treatment without giving up smoking. Because the fact that smoking adversely affects IVF treatment is certain.- What are the negative effects on men?Smoking has a negative effect on reproductive functions in men as well as in women. Sperm count, motility, quality and shape are lower than non-smoking men. Therefore, it has negative consequences for IVF treatment. IVF treatment is quite tedious, expensive and difficult for the mother. In order to be successful in this challenging process and to give birth to a healthy baby, couples must quit smoking before starting the treatment process.

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