What is azoospermia?

What is azoospermia?

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Bahçeci Umut IVF Center Gynecology and IVF Specialist Assoc. Dr. Contact ulun directly 'According to the results of the research, one out of every hundred men is suffering from azoospermia, which means that there is no living cell in semen. There are some factors affecting the number of sperm in men. Previous infections, genital surgical operations, genetic causes, chronic diseases, renal failure, hepatic impairment, drugs used, radiotherapy, exposure to radiation, and the most common cause are unknown.

Bodybuilding Drugs Infertility
Assoc. Dr. Ulun Uluğ stated that anabolic steroids used for bodybuilding contain androgen hormone-like substances and warned men to be very careful when using such drugs. Uluğ, "These substances increase the performance of muscle development in men, unfortunately, especially at the same time affecting the central nervous system, reduces sperm production. The problem of azospermia encountered in bodybuilding athletes may arise due to drugs."

One in 100 Men Have Sperm Problems!

One of every hundred men who live in the event of azospermia or semen in the event that there is no living cell, Assoc. Dr. Ulun Uluğ, "Infertility that infertility problems in couples this rate rises to 10%. However, this problem can be easily identified by a very simple sperm analysis. In our country, unfortunately azospermi for years, there are men who try to treat his wife doctor doctor. he does not even think that he is in his wife, he does not have sperm analysis. Patients with azoospermia should be evaluated by a specialist, an urologist who deals with andrology. The factors causing azoospermia can be investigated and treatment started.

Most Common Problem: Azosprem of Unknown Cause

Assoc. Dr. Ulun Uluğ said that the most common problem is the unknown cause of azosperm said: "Unfortunately, many patients who experience this problem can not be identified as a cause. These people with the current technology to reproduce sperm production and can not be provided to have children in natural ways. During this treatment, a surgical procedure is applied under the microscope to testis testes, but the semen can not reach the semen is tried. This is called TESE process. The procedure is done by professional people increases the chance of having sperm. This will affect the chance of couples having children "

Advanced Technology in Sperm Selection: IMSI

Associate Professor. Prof. Dr. Ulun Uluğ stated that it is important not only to have sperm in TESE procedure but also whether the shape of the sperm is correct or not; 'With the developing technology in recent years, sperms are looked at by enlarging much more with a method called IMSI and healthier sperms are selected.'

Azosperm is not Sexual Disorder, No Herbal Remedy

Associate Professor. Ulun Uluğ, "the general public is perceived as having the same problem with azoospermia and sexual disorder. However, this is a very wrong idea. Azosperm does not mean sexual disorder. The second big mistake here unfortunately is to seek a cure for herbal supports in order to increase the number of sperm. The best possible benefit cannot go beyond improving sexual performance, "he said.

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