The mother's 9-month life (8 months)

The mother's 9-month life (8 months)

You should rest as much as possible, lie down and lie down for a while in the middle of the day. You can feel bulky and heavy. If you have not started prenatal courses, now is the time. This week, the baby now has a body proportional to the whole.
baby gets plump.

What's going on:
• As your baby grows, it may cause problems such as breathing difficulties or frequent urination by pressing your internal organs. You may also miss urine while laughing or coughing.
• You may not be able to sleep as comfortable as before.
• Your belly button becomes flat and may even come out slightly. This will improve after birth.
• There may be a whitish vagina discharge that gradually becomes thicker.
• Burning in the stomach, indigestion, gas, constipation complaints continue.
• Nasal congestion, nose and gum bleeding may continue.
• Leakage from the breasts or more abundant mouth (colostrum) continues to come.
• Joints around your hip and pelvis expand as preparation for delivery, so it is natural for you to experience slight discomfort in the abdomen and legs.
• Towards the end of this month, your weight gain rate will be cut slightly, but your baby will continue to grow.
carbohydrates and milky drinks).

What to do:
• Rest your legs up for an hour or two a day.
• If you have difficulty sleeping, apply relaxation techniques before going to bed. It may be helpful to lie on your side by pulling one of your legs towards your stomach and supporting it with cushions.

N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

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