Milk is essential for the child's mind development!

Milk is essential for the child's mind development!

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For healthy generations, children should be provided with sufficient amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral elements.
Today, 30 percent of women and 10 percent of men have osteoporosis. Doctors and scientists say that it can only help prevent ostoeporosis by drinking milk from a young age.

However, milk contains a large number of nutrients, especially calcium. Carbohydrates are an important source of nutrients. Stating that calcium provides healthy bones and teeth, Yörsan Nutrition and Diet Expert Nilüfer Hakarayan reminded that a glass of milk meets 30 percent of the daily calcium need.

Protects the brain from aging

In addition, milk, bey Acetyl Carnitin uyan substance that protects the brain from aging. Milk contains a high percentage of protein. The composition of milk proteins also contains more than 20 amino acids that form the building blocks of the body. Milk is also important because it provides high energy and contains vitamin A.

According to the information given by Yörsan Nutrition and Diet Expert Nilüfer Hakarayan, A, B and protein, phosphorus, potassium and folic acid rich in milk, cream, yogurt and cheese, especially in the developmental age of children is very effective in bone and tooth development. A bowl of yogurt can help to protect the body against various diseases, as well as increase its resistance. Yogurt is also the main source of calcium for the bone. For a day of calcium need to eat a bowl of yogurt is enough. This amount of yogurt contains between 150-400 milligrams of calcium. If you have weight problems, you should choose skimmed yogurt.

In addition to calcium, milk contains vitamins A, D, B2, B6, B12 and potassium, phosphorus and proteins.

Milk containing vitamin A; It is also the basic need for healthy skin and healthy eyes. It helps to neutralize substances that cause aging, cancer and heart disease.

Long-term calcium investment in the body, starting from infancy, is necessary, considering osteoporosis (bone resorption), which is commonly threatening health in both postmenopausal women and elderly men. For this, plenty of milk, yogurt, cheese and cream should eat.

Scientists, when consuming large amounts of dairy products as a child and those who take calcium, paralysis and other causes of death identified that helps prevent milk.

However, research shows that at least 400 milligrams of calcium per day as a child helps reduce the likelihood of paralysis and death by up to 60 percent.

Source: Posta Newspaper

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