Lactating mothers should not fast!

Lactating mothers should not fast!

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Stating that it is risky for fasting of nursing mothers, Anadolu Health Center Child Health and Diseases Specialist. Dr. Ela Tahmaz, saying that fasting without sahura would be inconvenient, in any case babies older than 6 months or other reasons should be paid attention to the additional food should be stressed. Tahmaz, a baby between 2 to 5 months of breastfeeding women in a study conducted during fasting shows that there is some change in the content of breast milk, he said. The study shows that the amount of energy taken, protein, vitamins A and C are below the daily needs of such elements. Tahmaz, "This proves that milk quality during lactation of nursing mothers is affected," he said.The biggest problem caused by not drinking water all day and fasting is the loss of fluid experienced by the mother. Tahmaz, "fasting mothers can be seen more fluid loss than some of the mothers and this can create serious problems, may increase the amount of milk," he said, "If water loss is more than the mother's milk production decreases," he said.The body cannot tolerate not drinking water all dayIf the baby has already started supplementary food for other reasons, or if it is over 6 months, the mother cannot tolerate not eating or drinking during fasting. Dr. Tahmaz warned mothers to refrain from the following two situations: - Not drinking water all day during the first 6 months when the baby is exclusively breastfed. Tahmaz said that it is risky for mothers who have diabetes or low blood sugar and fasting with other health problems and they should be consulted with a doctor. - During the time from iftar to sahur, plenty of liquid should be taken. - Mothers should also spend the day resting and not tired themselves. - During this period, the baby should continue to suck at the same intervals and additional foods should be given in the same way.

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