Harmful cosmetics in pregnancy

Harmful cosmetics in pregnancy

Women during pregnancy
they want to be well-groomed to feel good, and that is their greatest
It is right. But be careful against chemicals in cosmetic products
needs to be. Some products may cause harm to the unborn child.
Although some of the products are shown in pregnancy
It is not known whether it has negative effects on the development.

Cosmetic products of mothers
The biggest problem faced is hair dyes. According to researches; permanent
and semi-permanent dyes
No effect was observed. However, for preventive purposes, during pregnancy
There is no need to dye the hair. Make changes, bottom color and whites
If you want to close herbal dyes after the first three months of pregnancy
You can use.

Hair Straighteners is NOT RECOMMENDED
It is not. Because these are chemicals called sodium hydroxide and bisulfite.
are formations. Hair straighteners are made by means of air heat and press
It is healthy. In Perma, the chemicals used to be absorbed from the scalp
May be contaminated by blood. This has a negative impact on the baby's development.
it is not completely reliable. Until the end of birth
your hair remains in the natural state is beneficial.

Skin care products, shampoo and
products such as deodorant have so far not had a negative side effect.
You can use it comfortably. Whether makeup is harmful during pregnancy
always discussed. Although there is no research on this subject, make-up
no negative effects on pregnant women and their babies.

What to do against harmful cosmetics?

If, Melesma-Chloasma problem
If you are experiencing necessarily consult your skin doctor. On your skin, especially the lips,
Pregnancy Mask for the formation of brown spots on the forehead, cheeks and chin
It is given. This occurs in ninety percent of expectant mothers and is usually
gradually disappears at the end of pregnancy.

Sunscreen especially in summer
Do not forget to use. If you use a 20-factor sunscreen, your body
will prevent stains.

Retinoid, anti-aging creams,
found in moisturizers and acne creams.
Retinoid is a precursor of vitamin A and renews the skin
Substance. But retinoid-containing cosmetic products during pregnancy
you should stay away. This substance may cause birth defects in the baby.

During this period, a little bit of nail polish
You should be more careful. Although acetone has no effect on the mother, acetone
Inhalation will cause harm to the baby.

When buying cosmetic products,
be careful not to change the excess product and especially for pregnant women.
choose products manufactured.

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