What is good for stretch marks after pregnancy

What is good for stretch marks after pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers during pregnancy, some skin changes
It may cause. Skin deformation is cracked, named and hormonal
as a result of changes. This is seen in almost all pregnant people
cracks are among the most common complaints of mothers
takes place.

The cracks are primarily red and more
as it becomes more prominent, it is tan or white. Pregnancy
cracks, small and very deep depressions of the skin, typical appearance
in the form. Cracks do not cause pain, but little itching
they may cause. Mostly in the lower parts of the belly, buttocks,
thighs, breasts and arms.

After pregnancy
What is good for cracks?

Skin to prevent stretch marks after pregnancy
moisture. This is the best balanced and healthy eating
It is provided. However, abundant water and liquid consumption is also important. Pregnancy
abundant and sufficient water consumption throughout the process, important role in the formation of cracks
play. Balanced diet and water consumption prevent excess weight gain
skin in the umbilical region
prevents regression.

Both during pregnancy and after giving birth
When taking a shower, cracked areas with the help of a soft sponge or brush
Make circular movements, massage. Thus, blood circulation in the skin
accelerates, plays a role in maintaining its elasticity.

Different treatment for crack removal
There are also methods. These treatment methods according to the degree of cracks
It applied.

1-Mikrodermoabrazyo the

Aluminum oxide crystals in the cracked area
is a treatment method applied by spraying. Then connective tissue
supported by strengthening medicines and creams. No side effects indicated
This method can be applied in four seasons.


Also known as freezing. Rarely of stains
is also used in cosmetic procedures such as removal. Anesthesia
does not require treatment, provides skin renewal and rejuvenation.

3-Laser application

Laser application, leaving fresh skin layer
is obtained. Fracture is considered a connective tissue disease. Bond
ultrasound to increase the absorption of medicines and creams that repair tissue

3-Reflexoterap of

This method is responsible for the formation of collagen and elastin
The cells are activated. Tissue specific vacuum shape, special frequency with CFK program
and titles. As a way to relax and relax the body

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