How does redness occur during pregnancy?

How does redness occur during pregnancy?

In the process, redness can be seen on the palms and between hands. With this
together in the form of color changes and flushing as red and pink emerge
resulting changes may occur. The medical equivalent of this condition is palmar erythema
is being used.

palmar erythema in the palms of the redness you have experienced during pregnancy
We need to look at the image to understand that. Handful of palmar erythema
it is located symmetrically in the fingers, fingers and inside. Even these rashes
can also occur on the feet and soles of the feet. These rednesses are out of hand
does not occur. Palmar erythema, mostly after birth occurs
it disappears from itself and is seen in a third of mothers.

erythema, ie the condition that causes the redness of the hands; pregnancy
is an increase in the level of estrogen hormone. This situation
it does not require an intervention. Already this situation, the formation of redness in the hands
does not have an effect outside and these rednesses occur after birth.
spontaneous recovery.

Redness occurs in the palms during the period is very much encountered.
Thin veins in the palms of the palms of the enlarges expand and what we call palmar erythema
situation occurs. On the bumps of the palms, fingers and
rarely seen on the soles of the feet.

usually in the form of red spots. At the same time redness
pressure fading may occur.

in the hands of the 3-month period
redness, spontaneous towards the middle and late stages of pregnancy
It is lost.

Redness seen in hands during pregnancy, as thought
problems as a symptom? This is actually normal
is seen as a sign of pregnancy. The reason for this is during pregnancy
estrogen hormone levels. This situation of pregnancy process
may be a symptom of some diseases outside the time.

conditions that may cause erythema; chronic liver disorders, cirrhosis,
hypertension, hepatitis, acute or chronic hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis,
diseases in which blood negative elements increase, connective tissue diseases and
We can speak of eczema.

With this
In people who use more than alcohol together, any liver disease
palm redness may occur. Pregnancy as a result
increase in estrogen hormone levels during the
spontaneously disappears later in pregnancy.

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