Vitamins to be taken before pregnancy

Vitamins to be taken before pregnancy

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Conscious parent candidates, pregnancy
When preparing for the period, they begin to use prenatal vitamins. from pregnancy
Three months ago, the stocking of vitamins into the body is quite important.

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A during pregnancy in moderation
supplementation is important and more harmful. Excessive intake of vitamin A causes toxic deaths
can. Vitamin A has a particularly negative effect on the liver. Some
experts warn about liver defeat during pregnancy
There. Vitamin A is found in fruits and vegetables of yellow and orange color.
Add pumpkin and carrots to your list.

Group B Vitamins 

These vitamins protect your health
will help. Vitamins in this group, green leafy vegetables,
hazelnut and banana.

C vitamin   

C vitamin, urinary
Vitamin parties. urinary
excess of this vitamin in the body or in the baby's body.
It is not stored. So you can get vitamin c in moderation every day. This vitamin
will protect you against infections and
It will strengthen. Vegetables such as broccoli, fresh fruit juices
You can add.

Calcium and Vitamin D 

Calcium and D
vitamin, milk and dairy products.

TO vitamin  

This vitamin, accumulates in your body because it dissolves in fat
vitamins. This vitamin for your skin and eye health
it is very important and removes the aging radicals from your body. Multifunction
Vitamin E contributes to the development of your baby's nervous system and
Supports muscle growth. Hazelnut,
legumes and vegetable oils, you can reach him.


The proteins you will get, your baby grows and develops
becomes your biggest supporter. Household and poultry products protein


Carbohydrates are important for your energy. Two kinds
carbohydrates, and one of them is more important. Carbohydrate,
when you buy wholemeal flour, wholemeal pasta and potatoes, your constipation
will be quite useful in terms of.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you are
it is useful to consult a dietician to ensure a quality diet.
It will be. Because iron and vitamin B12, enough to prevent anemia
level you need to get.


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