First symptoms before pregnancy

First symptoms before pregnancy

If you are not sure whether you have some symptoms before
giving signals of pregnancy.

One of the first and most important signals is the menstrual delay. But this is for every woman
not valid. Because some women are pregnant
until late, sometimes no symptoms or experience
Symptoms may be confused with menstrual symptoms.

1- Fatigue

When you stay, your metabolism supports you and your baby's development.
name. Naturally, you feel more tired and sluggish.
However, during pregnancy, “progesterone” hormone more
It is secreted. The fatigue of the expectant mother because of the calming effect of the hormone
increases. This is more common than normal sleep and fatigue as well as the most common
is one of the symptoms.

2. Nozzles

With hormones, breast growth or sensitivity can be experienced…
In some women, nipple discoloration
Observed. In these cases of breast, the first signs of pregnancy
It is one.

3- Nausea


Nausea and vomiting occur in almost any pregnancy. Hormone
This condition is called morning sickness. But still, every day
nausea and vomiting. Some women are against smells
can be extremely sensitive. The smell, previously uncomfortable,
nausea and consequently
may cause vomiting.


4- Unbalanced Conditions in Appetite


increased appetite of a woman staying, the early
pregnancy is one of the symptoms. During this period, the woman always thinks she is hungry
or start craving. Usually a non-seasonal fruit or vegetable is crushed.
In some women, the opposite happens. Previously
you can start disgusting from the food you eat off.


5- Toilet


often urinate in it, as one of the early signs of pregnancy
It is seen. This usually starts one week after pregnancy occurs.
You can often get up from your bed and go to the toilet at night. Some
the opposite can also be seen in women. In some women, constipation
is a pregnancy signal seen in the background.



blood pressure changes because it leads to dilation of blood vessels
It can create. As a result, dizziness when you suddenly stand up.


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