Baby development in pregnancy

Baby development in pregnancy

Pregnancy period every woman wants to live
among them. We all know that pregnancy is a difficult and tedious period.
we know. 40 weeks of your baby's development and his healthy world
You are doing your best to arrive.

So, how is the duration of baby development during pregnancy months to months?

1. month of pregnancy

Probably couples in the first month of pregnancy, pregnancy
on suspicion. With the situation exciting, the first month
What the doctor should determine is the mother with ultrasound or pregnancy test.
it will be clear whether the candidate is pregnant or not. Pregnant mother
the most important thing to be aware of is the baby's heart
whether or not the shot.

2nd month of pregnancy
(Weeks 4 to 8)

During this period, your baby's cells will grow, differentiate and
started to assume special functions. Differentiation with your baby
The outline of the skin starts to appear. Heartbeats to be heard more clearly
at the same time to show improvements in the circulatory system.
It will begin.

6-week pregnant mother's baby in the belly
The sizes will be grown 3 times more. However, the basic facial features
will appear. Then, eyes, inner ear, upper and lateral face
lips will appear with the openings created by the tissues on the side.

8th week you expect with excitement of your baby's hand and foot
his fingers will begin to appear. Arms and legs longer and prominent
will take shape. As the digestive tract continues to develop, the heart and circulation
The system now shows full development. During this period, your baby is approximately 12.5 mm.

3rd month of pregnancy
(Weeks 9 to 12)

This month the baby's body continues to take shape, vital
organs also begin to develop. Skeletal development with teeth development

At the end of the 11th week
gets. The ears become more pronounced and the development of the external genitalia
Complete. The face of the baby becomes more prominent and selectable.

4th month of pregnancy
(Weeks 12 to 16)

At the beginning of your fourth month your baby no longer has to suck his thumb
It starts. All organs have completed their development at the required level.
The nails and hair on the fingers continue to appear. In the middle of this month, especially baby boys
sex may be determined on ultrasound. Your baby's liver produces bile,
The pancreas begins to produce insulin.

Neural tube defect for your baby's health at the end of this month
and Down syndrome risk.
must be applied.

Your baby's five.
month (weeks 17 to 20)

This month, your baby's bone structure begins to strengthen.
With the development of the inner ear bones, your baby's hearing nerves
progress is also seen. Your baby now your heartbeat, stomach sounds
May be heard. In the last week of this month, your baby's skin
it will thicken and the layers of the skin will begin to form. Baby
The mother will start to feel her movements.

6th month of pregnancy
(Weeks 21-24)

With the development of the digestive system, blood
cells begin to work in making bone marrow. Excitedly Expect
your baby's sense of touch and taste will begin to develop. With this
together, he started breathing movements. Balance in inner ear
With the development of structures, your baby no longer stand upside down.

7th month of pregnancy
(Weeks 25 to 28)

As your baby continues to develop, her hands will grow, eyebrows
and eyelashes will begin to form, and even hair will grow and become denser.
It will begin. Fat tissue will increase every day and will continue to gain weight.
In the middle of this month, the baby you carry in your
it is like a miniature state. At the end of this month, he will open and close his eyes,
he will sleep and wake up regularly.

There are tests you need to take in the seventh month. These;
glucose tolerance test and blood mismatch test.

8th month of pregnancy
(Weeks 29 to 33)

In the eighth month of birth, your baby's lung
development still continues. By doing breathing exercises, diaphragm muscles
development. In the middle of this month, your baby's
may feel decreased. If this reduction worries you,
consult your doctor.

9th month of pregnancy
(Weeks 34 to 40)

Routine controls from 36 weeks of gestation
needs to be done. This month is the month the baby enters the birth canal. This
therefore, burning or back pain in your stomach
allows you to reduce.

Birth pains can be experienced at any time, contractions
it is normal to arrive at regular intervals. Your contractions are
If you have entered and not resting, you need to go to the hospital.

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