Emergency birth at home

Emergency birth at home

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Childbirth is a medical condition that is mostly appropriate in a hospital setting.
process. Many married couples are aware of this. But in some cases, giving birth at home
There is also the possibility. Prepare yourself for such a possibility, and
in this case you need to know what to do.

How to give emergency birth at home?

1. If you have to give emergency birth at home
Try to stay calm. Call an ambulance if you are alone
if possible, call your doctor. If you have someone else with you
ask him to handle it. Before this happens
phone number of your doctor and the nearest ambulance, emergency room.
Record. Let your phone stay within easy reach.

2. Try to do breathing exercises.

3. If you are alone in your home, you can reach your neighbor or you immediately.
know someone you know.

4. Wash your hands and vaginal area thoroughly if possible.

5. Help reach out to you but before you go to bed sheet, blanket
or cool a similar cover.

6. If the baby starts giving birth without help,
hold the baby and the baby every time. If you have someone, ask him.

7. Bend the knees and raise the legs so that the feet touch the ground.
If you have someone, you should put a pillow under your shoulders and head.

8. When the baby's head begins to appear, breathe deeply and push.
If you have someone with you, it can make the baby's head grow slowly.
This person next to you must not act fast and never pull the baby out. Already
As you push, the baby will come out slowly. Umbilical cord of baby
be careful. If this is the case, slowly
Get over the baby's head.

9. After the baby's head is fully visible
clean the slimy fluid and amniotic fluid downwards by hand. Later
Hold the baby's head gently with both hands and press down, but
definitely not pull. Push the mother firmly to the shoulders of the baby.
Tell. When the upper part of the arm appears, carefully raise the head and
the device. Shoulders come out, the remaining part will be easily removed.

10. Immediately as soon as the baby leaves
wrap something clean. Without tugging the baby on the mother's tummy or if the cord is long
Put on your chest.

11. Do not try to pull the placenta out. If it came spontaneously
towel or newspaper. Also try to keep the baby up. This
Show your doctor. Do not cut the umbilical cord yourself. Because the umbilical cord is not connected
not interrupted. Otherwise, it may cause blood loss in the baby and mother, vital

12. The mother and the baby are both warm and comfortable until help arrives.
Try to keep.

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