8th Month Pregnancy Nutrition

8th Month Pregnancy Nutrition

8th Month Pregnancy Nutrition

Hello! You have entered the 8th month of pregnancy, I hope you have had a very pleasant and comfortable pregnancy

In these months edema problem it may start or become more severe if it has started. All of our nutrition articles during pregnancy consumption of salt and sugar during pregnancy, we said that we should restrain. We should avoid the consumption of salt and sugar extra during late pregnancy.

Edema Throwing Foods During Pregnancy


Pineapple is rich in vitamin A and contributes to our immune system. Pineapple contained Bromelain enzyme Thanks to the removal of excess fluid in the body helps. According to researches bromelain in the body vascular permeability increases the absorption and excretion of edema accumulated in tissues.

1 thick slice of pineapple = 1 serving of fruit


Blueberries, C, Vitamin E, potassium, folic acid and iron-rich. also is a good source of fiber. Blueberries relieve urinary tract infections and diuretics. Edema does not destroy potassium while removing, this is a very important feature. Blueberries Antioxidant property Thanks to this, it cleans the bladder and tries to keep it healthy.

1 teacup of blueberries = 1 serving of fruit


Kiwi is rich in vitamins. It contains A, E and at most vitamin C. 4-5 times more citrus vitamin rate It has. Located in the structure of kiwi pectin It helps to minimize the problem of edema which is common during pregnancy while cleaning toxins in the body.

1 medium kiwi = 1 serving of fruit


Cucumber thanks to its high water content relieves stomach and helps to meet the ever-increasing need for fluid during pregnancy.

1 medium cucumber = 1 serving


Banana, vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and a very good source of fiber. It provides you to stay full for a long time and thanks to the potassium it contains, it is known as edema-enhancing nutrient. It meets the body's need for natural sugar.
Points to consider portion amountWhen you eat 1 large banana, you consume 3 servings of fruit.

Especially during pregnancy, the consumption of large amounts of fruit at a time can cause your blood sugar to rise and drop very quickly.

1 medium banana = 1 serving of fruit

Another important point for the problem of edema during pregnancy is Water Consumption. In this article, we explained the increasing fluid requirement in our nutrition article in the 5th month of pregnancy.

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day 2-3 liters of water Try to drink and spread it to meals. Water consumed with meals can sometimes cause gas problems, if you have gas complaints, you can consume water about 45 minutes before meals.

Another problem encountered during pregnancy is gas complaints. During this period, you need to stay away from the foods that make gas. Here are some of them;

Foods that make gas during pregnancy

Dry beans

Dry beans natural sugar at grafinose contain plenty. This sugar is also seen during pregnancy gas complaints It may cause. If the mothers want to consume it, boiling in boiling water and waiting for 1 night in water can reduce the gas problem.

Sulfur Vegetables

Vegetables, sulfur-based it may cause gas problem during this period.

These vegetables;

  • broccoli,
  • cauliflower,
  • cabbage,
  • rocket,
  • kale,
  • radish,
  • turnip,
  • cress

If these vegetables cause you gas problems non-gassing vegetables you have to choose. For example; spinach and zucchini.

Except those stress factor triggers the formation of gas. If you are stressed while eating, this can adversely affect your digestive system. Therefore, try to feed as slowly and calmly as possible.

Proposal, A light pace after meals facilitates the discharge of gas from the body.

You can take light-paced walks in consultation with your doctor. Finally, eat less or less frequently to relieve your digestive system.

Other nutrients that trigger the gas problem during pregnancy; beans, onion, brussels sprouts, artichoke, asparagus, pear, apple, peach, plum, gum, milk, cream, ice cream, beer and sodas.

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Coping with Craving in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the expectant mother may have an unexplained desire for food she has never eaten or may be disgusted with the food they normally like. This situation pregnancy hormones We can explain with.

It is tempting to think that craving comes from a nutrient need. Sometimes this may be true, but in general foods don't seem to depend on physical needs. craving Frequent intervals and the desire for unhealthy foods enters a uniform diet and may deprive you of important nutrients.

If you're starting to crush too many foods, such as chocolate, you may have a vitamin B deficiency. It is beneficial for you to choose nutritious foods instead of these empty energy sources during pregnancy.

When we talk about all this, we don't want you to limit yourself too much. For example, when you feel like chocolate, you can consume it by paying attention to its content and portion amount. Containing 70% cocoa 2 pieces of dark chocolate can be a good option for you

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What should be eaten in the 8th month of pregnancy?

  • Salmon, Group B vitamins and omega-3 depot. It is one of the important foods for pregnancy.
  • Apricot especially in the last months of pregnancy is a very good solution for the problem of constipation. Consuming 2 apricots a day will alleviate the problem of constipation during pregnancy.
  • You should not neglect probiotic sources during this period. Especially from the milk group kefir, yogurt and milk necessarily add to your daily diet.
  • Do not forget your water consumption during the last months of pregnancy.

Sample Menu Program for 8th Pregnancy

When he wakes up:

  • 1 glass of water


  • 2 slices of low-fat feta cheese
  • 1 boiled egg or omelet with low-fat vegetables
  • Tomatoes, cucumbers, abundant greens
  • 2 whole walnuts or 6 olives
  • 2-3 slices of whole grain bread


  • 1 serving of fruit
  • 1 glass of water Milk
  • 3-4 grissini


  • 1 bowl of soup
  • 8 tablespoons vegetable dish
  • Salad with plenty of greens
  • 1 bowl of yogurt or low salted buttermilk
  • 2 slices of whole grain bread

Afternoon 1:

  • Sandwich with feta cheese and plenty of dark green leafy vegetables
  • 1 cup buttermilk (slightly salted or unsalted)

Afternoon 2:

  • 1 serving of fruit
  • 5-6 nuts
  • 1 cup yogurt


  • Up to 4-6 meatballs or 200-250 grams of fish (grilled or baked)
  • 1 bowl of yogurt / 1.5 cups of buttermilk / 1 bowl of tzatziki
  • Salad with plenty of greens
  • 2 thin slices of whole grain bread or 4-5 tablespoons bulgur pilaf


  • 1 serving of fruit
  • 1 bowl of yogurt
  • 1 handful of white chickpeas

Note: This list is general. The diet is personal, can be reduced or increased according to personal differences. You should also consult a nutritionist to create your own plan.


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