Ovulation Period Symptoms

Ovulation Period Symptoms

Ovulation Period Symptoms

In general, many women do not follow the symptoms that occur in the body due to the effect of the egg that matures and is released every month. Until pregnancy was planned…

Ovulation is part of the menstrual cycle and one or more ovulation may occur each month. In fact, many women signs of ovulation obvious.

However, if the person is not paying attention to changes in his body, he may not be aware of these symptoms or may not know the cause.

When it comes to having a baby, catching the date of ovulation becomes very important for women. Every woman menstrual cycle It is different. Therefore, each woman's ovulation days may coincide with different days. In this case, expectant mothers, they themselves ovulation symptoms they want to know which day they call.

Why is it important to follow ovulation symptoms?

The ovulation of a woman with a 28-day menstrual period occurs approximately 14 days after the onset of menstruation.

Essentially, ovulation occurs two weeks before the next menstruation. The reason why this period is so important for women is that after the egg is thrown from the ovary, 24 hours live.

For fertilization to occur and pregnancy to occur sperm and egg must come together. The sperm cell of a man can survive in the female body for an average of 48 hours. In order for fertilization to occur during the time the egg remains alive, there must be a relationship just before or after ovulation. During this period increasing the frequency of relationship The chances of capturing pregnancy will be highly increased.

What are the Symptoms of Ovulation?

When ovulation occurs, a number of changes occur in the female body. These;

Change in Basal Body Temperature:

By measuring the change in basal body temperature can be informed about the day of ovulation. From the beginning of the menstrual cycle Basal body temperature (BBT) if monitored continuously, the temperature measured within 24 hours of ovulation 0.4 ̊C to 1 ̊C It is seen to be much.

This way, you can more easily predict when you will lay eggs in the following months. Symptoms of ovulation One of the easiest to follow is temperature measurement.

The important thing here is to take the measurement before you get up from your bed the first time you wake up in the morning to get healthier results. It is also important to take measurements at the same time every day. Even the BBT change will give you a clue as to whether you are pregnant.

If you are pregnant, you may notice that your basal body temperature rises further when you take a measurement near your period.

Change in Cervical Mucus:

What is described as discharge in women density of cervical mucusshows periodic variations within the menstrual period. This is due to hormonal changes in the body during the menstrual cycle. In the first period after the end of menstruation, the amount of discharge is low.

The amount increases day by day. These currents are not clear and do not extend. But spawning period When it approaches, the increased amount of estrogen in the body produces differentiation in the cervical mucus. This differentiation, symptoms of ovulation is the most easily noticed.

The current in these periods becomes transparent, slippery and when it is placed between two fingers, it reaches a consistency.

The purpose of this change in mucus is to create a suitable environment in which sperm can live. In this way, the number of sperm remaining alive and consequently the probability of fertilization of the egg increases.

This flow of egg white consistency, ovulation Starting to arrive 1-2 days ago, she tries to keep the sperm entering the female body alive until the egg comes. These days you may notice more currents than usual.

Changes in cervix:

During the ovulation period, many changes are observed in women. Symptoms during ovulation also include changes in the cervix.

In order to follow these changes easily, you can close the toilet seat while you are in the toilet, and place one clean foot in the cervix with one foot on the floor and the other foot on the toilet seat.

Before the ovulation period, the cervix is ​​hard and dry.

The location is also below. However, when you do the same process in the near period of ovulation, the cervix is ​​softened, slippery, you will notice that a delicate structure similar to your lips is formed.

In addition, the cervix rose upwards. After spawning it will become old again. Thanks to this control you day of ovulation can easily detect.

Increase in Sexual Desire:

Changes in hormones that occur during ovulation and Increase in LH level causes sexual desire in women.

This is a formation that supports human reproduction. If an increase in sexual desire is noticed, this increase may be indicative of an imminent ovulation.

Pelvic and Lower Abdominal Pain (Ovulation Pain, Mittelschmerz):

Some women may feel ovulation physically, similar to menstrual pain. These pains can be seen on the right or left (may vary from month to month) or both sides of the lower abdomen It may take 15 min as well as an hour.

Pain may sometimes be accompanied by mild nausea. However, the level of pain is important at this point. If you are experiencing quite uncomfortable and prolonged pains, the source of this pains is ovarian cysts, adhesions endometriosis can.

For this reason, it is useful to see a specialist if you are in pain so that you will have difficulty in continuing your daily life during the ovulation period.

Breast Sensitivity:

Although breast tenderness is more common among signs of pregnancy, progesterone, Since it is a hormone that prepares the woman for pregnancy, it can cause this condition.

It is not seen in every woman, but if you have such a feeling in the middle of your period, it is time to conceive.

Saliva Change:

Although it does not seem to be a very understandable method to follow ovulation, female saliva gives us clues. It is sold in the market for saliva tests There is also.

When the saliva is examined closely, ovulation has not yet approached if there are simple dot to dot patterns. If the saliva patterns have begun to crystallize, the appropriate time frame for conception is approaching.

Odor Sensitivity:

Some women experience obvious odor sensitivity in the mid-menstrual period, that is, during ovulation. Food smells may disturb the person or smell smells that no one else has heard.

The main reason for this is to enable the woman to perceive the smell of the man more clearly on the basis of hormones and to maintain the human lineage.

By observing these types of symptoms in yourself, you can predict when to ovulate. Symptoms of ovulation it may not be the same in every woman, you should not forget it.

If you want to put the practice into practice, you can also benefit from ovulation tests. In addition, keeping a calendar will be very useful for keeping track of your period. Although these symptoms show you that your ovulation is approaching, you may have difficulty predicting exactly when it occurs.

For this reason, it is important to have frequent intercourse after and several days before and after the day of ovulation you see and anticipate the symptoms. The fact that sperm can remain alive in the female body for a long time also increases the possibility of fertilization.

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