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Toy Guide for Your Baby

Toy Guide for Your Baby

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Babies learn quickly while they are in the womb. Only in the womb Sound, pressure and temperature baby with limited stimuli, such as the birth of many stimuli to encounter with the new environment, and this new environment programmed to learn to begin to quickly settle in his brain.

The most important role of parents in this learning process is to provide them with a rich learning environment. What you need for a qualified learning environment toy guide will guide you through this process.

Benefits of Toys for Baby Development

Babies learn by having fun with the best game. Games only become better quality if the right materials are used. Everybody knows that toys are the best learning material for kids.

Well benefits of toys for baby development Do we have enough information about?

As long as you make the right choice, the benefits of the toys for your baby are as follows.

  • It enables him to experience environments and events that he would not be able to be in himself. For example, when it is impossible to touch a lion or a snake, it is possible to experience it by touching and feeling with materials that are very close to the truth.
  • Fine and coarse improving motor skills and provide hand eye coordination It helps.
  • Recognize colors, numbers, objects, shapes.
  • Supports conversations.
  • Cognitive skills Develops. Learns cause-effect relationships, analysis and synthesis.
  • Aware of the fact that there is not only the language in which he speaks. He can even learn the meaning of words in other languages.
  • It develops its creativity by allowing it to produce.
  • It supports her to express her feelings and to realize her own self.
  • Kitchen supplies, repair tools and similar toys everyday business skills Develops.
  • Helps to recognize professions. Reveals his interests and abilities to a particular profession.
  • Provides early acquaintance with musical instruments. Music the emergence of interests and talents prepares the ground.

Which Toys Does Your Baby Need Which Month?

Generally, the choice of toys varies depending on whether the gender is male or female. Even though infants have their own preferences after 3 years of age Up to 3 years old If we think that the parents who choose and buy the toy are parents, the effect of conscious or unconscious orientation of the parents cannot be denied.

Considering the purely developmental needs of girls, not necessarily infants, and boys not necessarily playing with cars. which month your baby needs which toys.

We have brought together toys for your baby's month that will support your baby's development. Let's examine it together!

0-6 Months Toys

During the first six months after birth, babies try to get to know the world by observing, touching and inserting objects into their mouths. So parents are not audio, image and tactile intelligence should take care to select toys that stimulate the senses to stimulate.

Lie on your face or on your back audible, squeaky, rustling, colorful you can make a good start with play carpets that you can play with small toys.

With and without music options colored teether, colored cards, books made of fabric or solid cardboard that they can feel and even gnaw in their mouths are just for them.

Click on the link below to access the fun teether.

//www.e- / baby-dislik-c4396 /

6-12 Months Toys

The most important criterion to determine the answer to the question which month your baby needs which toy is its developmental characteristics. The little ones will be able to sit with or without support after the age of 6 months and then crawl.


In addition to the toys of the previous period can sit and play or crawl and then follow winding or battery-powered toys You must choose.

Considering that babies can say their first syllables and their first words after the 6th month, books to support language development and voice, singing, fairy tale interactive toys You must also include it in your list.

12-24 Months Toys

The entertainment continues with all enthusiasm. To be able to establish social, language and motor skills, cause and effect relationships for children who can walk and speak after the age of 1 mental development You should choose things to support.

This period you can choose more complex toys that appeal to more senses. Singing, singing, teaching letters, shapes or colors when you press a button story-telling interactive books and musical instruments, animals exactly designed for this age group.

Toys Over 2 Years

From the age of 2 the little ones can now walk more balanced, run faster, more complex sentences and cognitive establish more complicated cause and effect relationships.

So you will support these areas of development plastic or wooden building toys, blocks, interactive toys, You can choose the kind of toys that can attract babies' attention, such as playing or speaking babies or occupational toys.

Top 10 Toys a Baby Must Have!

We talked about the benefits of toys to your baby's development.

There are some toys that you will see in almost every home with babies, as if all the parents have already agreed.

These toys address the developmental characteristics of the babies and have provided them to have fun by themselves has become the most popular toys. We have put the first 10 of these toys in the guide we prepared for you, we have obtained the list below and left links under the description sections for easy access to the toys. By clicking on the links you can immediately buy toys that support your baby's development.

Now let's examine our list together!

Wooden Abacus

You can safely use the wooden abacus of baby & toys which is an ebebek brand from 3 months. your my toddler supporting visual and cognitive intelligence you can use this product to make simple addition and subtraction in the future preschool, even in primary school.

//www.e- / baby-toys-wood-abacus-p-byp-4102 /

Wooden Geometric Puzzle

It is a kind of puzzle made of natural wood and composed of different colors and different geometric shapes.

This product can be used from 12 months, baby cause-effect relationship, learn colors while stimulating fine motor muscles.

//www.e- / baby-toys-wood-geometric-puzzle-p-byt-3938 /

Creative Blocks 70 Pieces

These blocks, which expand children's imagination, develop their creativity and help them express themselves, are a versatile toy that can be used from the 10th month to the primary school age.

Acquiring cognitive skills such as idea formation, decision making and problem solving Supports.

//www.e- / baby-toys-creative-blocks-70-piece-p-byt-96587 /

Puzzle Game Mat

Made in vibrant colors and large sizes, this puzzle is designed with different options like numbers, letters and animal shapes.

If you wish to spend hours on the floor for your baby, if you wish to take a few sets of children's room or the house hall by making a wonderful floor covering can use as a carpet and make your home decor suitable for your baby to learn by playing.

//www.e- / baby-toys-eva-10-piece-puzzle-game-mati-p-stt-1005b3 /

Free Wood Plug Plug Game

It is a toy based on inserting and fitting the appropriate parts, as the name suggests, a plug and play game that supports hand eye coordination, motor skills and cognitive development in infants.

Natural wood and produced with baby-friendly paints It is a product that can be played safely from the age of 3.

//www.e- / baby-toys-wood-cak-plug-game-p-byt-1121 /

Wood Blocks

This set of natural wood and water based paints consists of 40 pieces. The different shapes in the set are specially designed to create many different structures.

//www.e- / baby-toys-wood-blocks-40-piece-p-byt-1114 /

Safari Play Rug

This carpet, which is suitable for use from birth, gives your baby a forest feel with its safari concept and introduces him to many animal friends.

This cushion with plush toys in different shapes, a toy mirror and a pillow for comfortable positioning Up to 3 years of age to appeal.

//www.e- / baby-toys-safari-play-halisi-p-byt-3323 /

Educational Fairy Tale Book

The butterfly wings of this cheerful caterpillar unfold like the pages of a book, and each page features a different fairy tale and a different adventure.

Your baby can listen to the tale's song in the picture by pressing the buttons on the caterpillar; learn letters, colors and numbers.

//www.e- / fisher-price-turkce-speaking-educator-tyryldian-tales-p-fpr-84634 /

Matching Friend Butterfly

It is designed in such a way that blocks of different colors and shapes can be thrown into the appropriate spaces in the butterfly's wings. Improves the babies' fine motor muscles and cognitive intelligence.

//www.e- / fisher-price-shape-matching-friend-butterfly-p-fpr-cdc22 /

Trainer's Dog Steering Wheel

Your little driver will have fun and learn at the interactive steering wheel. When you turn the key, it will buzz, turn on the radio, listen to the song, move the gear lever up and down and press the horn!

He will learn colors, letters, numbers and shapes while driving.

//www.e- / fisher-price-l-l-trainer-dog-steering-p-fpr-dpm92 /

As parents, the more qualified the environment for your baby, the faster, lasting and meaningful learning you have, the wider their imagination.

For a qualified environment, quality games and the right materials toy guide will be your best guide. Have fun already, happy learning.

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