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Parents cannot get enough of sniffing their tiny, worldly sweet offspring on their lap. Caressing her silky soft hair makes every parent taste unexplained happiness.

But suddenly formed in the head of the baby scaly waste families can rush. Host in infants What is the reason and everything about cleaning techniques in our article!

What is a Host in Babies?

Especially babies scalpis a skin disorder that manifests itself in the form of yellow flakes. curved parts, eyebrow, behind the ear, forehead, armpits and groin area visible. In infants, the host usually occurs in the first months of birth and can last until 1 year of age.

This skin problem, also known as the cradle cover or sled head, is a natural and harmless structure produced by the body.

Name in medical language infantile seborrheic dermatitis. This problem, which is partially seen from time to time, can spread and recur.

Causes of Host Formation in the Baby's Head

No proven cause baby minds host The factors listed below are thought to be effective.

Although parents are concerned that they cannot provide adequate hygiene for their babies, the problem tlack of rules of nursing It does not arise.

Experts think that some of the main reasons may cause this situation.

These reasons are as follows:

  • Hormones from mother to fetus: Hormones passed from the mother during pregnancy can trigger the production of oil in the baby's bottom of the baby can reveal the problem.
  • Excessive functioning of the baby's sebaceous glands: Since babies grow very fast, they produce large amounts of sebaceous diapers. This causes the dead skin in the head area to stick and accumulate.
  • Allergic predisposition: This condition can be seen more in those who are prone to allergies. When the fabrics used in clothes and blankets are not suitable for babies, the skin becomes sensitive and the chance of being seen as a host increases. Combed and cotton garments are more suitable for newborns. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that blankets are lint-free.
  • Genetic Factors: Mothers, fathers and siblings have experienced this problem may increase the incidence of the disorder.
  • Keeping the baby's head closed all the time: When the baby's head is closed, the skin is difficult to breathe and this increases the fat in the hair area. Accessories such as beanie and hat should be removed from time to time to ensure that the skin breathes.
  • Keep hair moist: Too much sweating of the child may increase the scaling of the head and curved areas. Therefore, the sweaty areas should be dried with a soft cloth when necessary.
  • Inappropriate ambient temperature: The ambient temperature should be at normal levels. Temperatures above 22 - 24 degrees increase the fatliquoring of the skin, leading to the proliferation of the problem. The room temperature where the babies sleep should be a few degrees cooler than the average.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Some experts say that the underdeveloped digestive system may lead to inadequate absorption of vitamins and host formation.

What are Host Symptoms in Infants?

The skin problem of your little puppy's soft skin creates visible symptoms. Host in hair The formation is particularly evident by the substances listed below.

  • Dryness of scalp,
  • Yellow, oily spills in the skin,
  • Layer-shaped, flaky bran appearance
  • Bad smell of hair area

A natural host for infants skin problem because it is very common and is not considered as a disease by doctors.

Birthmarks and newborn skin disorders Would you like to read our article on? Click the link below.

// www. / Birth-stains-and-newborn-skin-disorders /

Does not cause pain, pain or itching. There is no inconvenience that will disturb him, except to make you uneasy. The host may occasionally spread and decrease again.

If, however, you are concerned that you experience one or more of the above symptoms, you may seek help from an expert.

How to clean the mansion in infants with techniques that can be applied at home?

One of the issues that many parents who have just given birth are curious about. How to clean the host in infants is the answer to the question.

First of all, it is necessary to know that the problem is not a disease. Therefore, it does not require treatment. Generally spontaneously disappears after the first 6 months.

Boredom, which is not a disease but a problem for mothers, can be prevented by a few tricks.

  • Getting rid of discomfort The easiest way is to take a bath often.
  • Bathing half an hour before 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 teaspoon of carbonate massage the problem area by mixing.
  • Spills are removed with a baby comb or a soft brush.
  • The comb must be moved very slowly.
  • Olive oil Replace baby oil or not almond oil can also be used.
  • After the application, the oils applied with a suitable shampoo should be cleaned.
  • In the first application, the problem may not disappear immediately. The procedure is continued several days a week until the result is obtained.
  • The baby's hair may also fall out during the cleaning process. In this case there is no need to worry. Shedding hair will replace a new one.
  • Cleaning the host without softening the scalp will damage the sensitive skin of the baby lubrication operation must be done.
  • Oily layers formed on the skin should not be removed with nails.

In short, you can easily avoid the problem by following the above methods.   

Host Preventing Shampoo in Infants

As we all know, at the beginning of babies cavity has. Two of the gaps in front and back are palpable.

Parents damage to brain tissue With the thought of massaging the baby's head, they can finish the washing process quickly. brain tissue just below the knight because it is not possible to damage this tissue.

Therefore, as long as you choose the appropriate shampoo during the bath to wash your mini hair, or even a gentle massage is OK.

How the baby passes the host The answer is directly related to the shampoo you choose for him.

  • Dermatological and pediatric tests should be past.
  • It should not contain chemicals that may damage the baby's skin.
  • Allergies and dry skin should not cause.
  • Shampoos with easy rinsing, non-foaming content should be preferred.

This problem will be solved as soon as you use special shampoos for babies.

Click on the link below for easy access to reliable baby shampoos.

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Is the host seen in infants mixed with other skin diseases?

Although it has distinctive features mansion infants It can be mixed with other skin diseases such as eczema, fungus.

Solutions to problems require different treatments. Medications and creams should not be used with information filled from the ear. Medications not recommended by doctors may damage the baby's skin and cause many unwanted problems.

If you observe any of the following symptoms, you must go to the skin specialist you should not neglect.

  • Despite the mansion cleaning works that you carried out at home for up to three weeks, the problem continues.
  • Uncomfortable area bleeding, discharge, inflammation and similar situations begin to occur,
  • Scalp Redness and color changes occurrence,
  • If you are feeling restlessness (itching), trying to get your hands on your head, you should see a specialist.
Infants' defense systems are weak compared to adults. It takes time for them to adapt to their environment, and their sensitive skin is affected by external influences very quickly.

Regardless of how much we care for their cleanliness and care, babies' hosts can still occur. Sometimes they are vulnerable to germs, heat and moisture imbalances, and may experience skin problems.

For these reasons infant host formation is one of the most common disorders. The important thing is to apply the correct solution methods of the problem without panic.

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