How to give first aid to babies?

How to give first aid to babies?

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It is very difficult to protect your baby from all the accidents that may happen to your baby even if you are careful and conscious. However, it is possible to avoid serious injuries by knowing and applying the situation when an accident occurs. International Hospital Emergency Department Transportation Officer We consulted with Feridun Çelikmen…

: What are the most common accidents in babies?
Dr.Feridun Çelikmen One of the most common accidents in infants is the ingestion of foreign bodies or abduction of the respiratory tract. Especially in the crawling period, children confused with curiosity, bring small objects to their noses and mouths. Again, hot water and burns caused by objects, drinking chemical substances, electric shock are common accidents of this period.

: What should families do in case of an accident?
Dr.Feridun Çelikmen Objects escaping from the nose should be taken to a doctor before attempting to remove them. This is because when the alternative mouth and other nostrils are open in the upper airways, foreign bodies that can be pushed deeper by unconscious intervention may lead to suffocation.

Never touch the baby during an electric shock. Your baby may still be in contact with the power source. If you touch it in this case, the electricity will pass to you as well. If this is not possible, use an impervious plastic or wooden tool to remove the electrical supply from the baby and yourself. Check your baby's breathing and pulse after moving away from the electrical source. If your baby shows signs of fainting or fading, put him to bed. His head is a little lower than his body and his legs are higher.

In case of burns, immerse the burning area in cool water. Continue for half an hour until the baby does not feel pain. Dry with light touch after cold application. If the pain persists despite the application, contact a specialist immediately.

: What precautions can families take to prevent accidents?
Dr.Feridun Çelikmen All flammable, caustic substances and objects that may cause suffocation after swallowing, medicines and chemicals should be kept out of the reach of children. However, the greatest measure that families can take against children's home accidents is to attend practical first aid training courses provided by a physician from a reliable institution where basic first aid information is provided. First aid is not a subject that can only be learned by reading.

: Is there first aid courses can join the family in Turkey?
Dr.Feridun Çelikmen Practical and certified trainings on first aid are provided in our hospital. For further information please contact us on 0 212 663 30 00 - Extension 1437/1592.

: How should the first aid kit be used in an emergency?
Dr.Feridun Çelikmen First aid is a serious business. The materials that should be included in the first aid kit and where, how and how to use it are much more useful to be applied by a trained person. However, families who want to get information about this can get more information from the first aid information section of and

We would like to thank Dr. Feridun Çelikmen…
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