Pregnancy and depression: In moms' own words

Pregnancy and depression: In moms' own words

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In this collection of deeply personal stories, moms share their experiences with depression during pregnancy – what happened, what helped, and what they wish they had known. (We hear a lot about postpartum depression, but depression also affects at least 1 in 10 pregnant women.)

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Many of our storytellers were ashamed they didn't feel happier – after all, pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time. Others struggled with whether to take antidepressants. Some didn't realize, at first, that what they were feeling was depression, and blamed normal pregnancy mood swings for their symptoms.

Their most common piece of advice? If you're pregnant and feeling depressed, ask for help. You're not alone, being depressed is not your fault, and depression is not something you can control. It's also better for your baby if you get treatment.

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