Photos: Mom births 10-pound baby at home, and, well, it hurt

Photos: Mom births 10-pound baby at home, and, well, it hurt

When I saw a photo, taken by Washington, D.C. metro area-based photographer Micah Simmons, of a woman in labor, on her knees beside a tub, while her husband watched her from inside the tub, um, yeah. I basically had to know the back story.

It turns out Brett, the soon-to-be mama of two, was about to birth a 10-pound baby. At home. Pain med-free. But she didn't even know her second child would be that big. Brett just knew she was in quite a bit of discomfort.

"Brett was in the middle of laboring and she was going to get in the tub," Micah explained to our site via email, about the stirring image. "She stopped as she was getting in to go through a contraction, actually it ended up being a few, before she could get back in. Scott (her husband) had gotten in the tub to support her and instead of jumping out of the tub, he stopped dead in his tracks too to let Brett lean on him and to support her." Micah added, "Scott had actually been mid-sentence with myself and a doula and stopped to be quiet and to intensely focus on Brett."

"Two hours later...Brett birthed a healthy 10-pound, 7-ounce little boy all naturally and he was born into so much love," Micah recounted to us.

Here are more of Micah's photographs that capture the day beautiful and surprise!, big, baby Knox was born at home to his brave mama and supportive daddy.

"She actually was completely shocked at how big he was!" Micah says about Brett's reaction to Knox weighing close to 11 pounds.

In fact, her daughter Levi, who you see in the first image, was just 7 pounds at birth. "The midwives never really estimated him as being big or anything," Micah added about Knox.

Well, it must be said that this mama is kind of my new hero, especially since I delivered a 6-pound baby pain med-free, and uh, that hurt enough!

But ultimately, she did what we all do: pushed through a challenging labor, and brought forth a magnificent new life.

If you want to see more of Micah's lovingly intimate photography, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

This post was originally published January 5, 2017; it was updated and republished February 22,2018

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