Making a birthday time capsule

Making a birthday time capsule

A while back we mentioned in this post all about Clara's first birthday that we wanted to make her a little time capsule that she could open on her eighteenth birthday, so here's how that all came out (since a few folks were asking for an update). Yes it took us half a year to finally get it together and package things up for the long haul. But first, here's how we solicited items from her party guests for her time capsule. We grabbed a basket for people to drop notes and “artifacts” from 2011 into, which we would later transfer into a sealed up bin for Clara to open on her 18th birthday.

The note to direct people to contribute said: “Add something to Clara’s Time Capsule! We’re making a time capsule for Clara to be opened on her 18th birthday. So please write a note to be slipped in. (Something about her, about 2011, or even about yourself. Whatever!)” She ended up with:

  • lots of well wishes
  • a newspaper from that day
  • a party hat
  • some festive b-day ribbon
  • a few birthday cards from relatives and friends
  • a CD of photos from the day
  • a bubble-blowing-ice-cream-cone favor
  • some stat cards full of gas prices and top recording artists and TV shows that were popular this year

It should all be really fun to look back on when she’s eighteen (when she'll probably ask, "ew, who is Justin Bieber?" and "why was a show called Modern Family cool?"). As for how we packaged it all, we ended up going to Target and finding a sweet little $4 tupperware bin covered in hearts. We liked that it would snap shut and have a good seal to last for the long haul (we plan to hide it up in the attic so she can't discover it before she's 18).

I also tied a little ribbon around it and labeled it with the words: "Do Not Open! Clara's First Birthday Time Capsule - Top Secret!" so on the off chance that we forget what the heck is in that bin, we won't have to open it to find out.

Although if we did, it would look like a party in there. Gotta love how a few leftover ribbons and an old hat immediately look festive among all the notes and letters:

Oh and a few tips for anyone making a time capsule of their own:

1. Don't include anything with any sort of moisture (we stuck a little container of ice-cream-cone bubbles in the basket along with our note, but later worried that over time if the liquid leaked out we could have a serious mold or mildew issue that could compromise everything in the bin - so we emptied it out and put in just the container sans liquid).

2. It's nice to add not only your own notes, but some fun interactive/3-D items too, like a party hat, a CD of photos from that day, etc. Who knows if CDs will even still be used in 18 years, but items like that are fun to look back on.

3. Don't get so caught up in making it complicated if you're short on time, or you might never complete it. Our last step was just to find a cute tupperware bin and stash everything inside and that took us waaaay too long, so we can't imagine how much longer it would have taken if we were trying to make it a shadow box or some sort of scrapbook. Sometimes simple is key if you're busy, busy, busy.

So there you have it. Our little birthday time capsule play by play. Has anyone else out there made one or otherwise "captured" a special day for their little one to look back on? Spill the beans!

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