Importance of prebiotic fibers in infant nutrition

Importance of prebiotic fibers in infant nutrition

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The biy prebiotic fibers ım, which we have been hearing frequently in recent years, are of great importance in infant nutrition. Nutrition Specialist Işıl Telkes, prebiotic fibers, infants on the immune system and development will share with you the positive effects.

: What is the importance of nutrition in protecting infants from diseases?
Exp. Işıl Telkes: Babies have an immature immune system when they are born. This means that they are susceptible to any external infection. Therefore, they need extra protection and support.
Breast milk strengthens the baby's immune system and protects it against infections. When you feed your baby with breast milk, you can provide preservatives such as prebiotic fibers and antibodies. Prebiotic fibers, which are naturally found in breast milk, regulate the intestinal environment and thus protect the baby against diseases.

: How do prebiotic fibers that are naturally found in breast milk work?
Exp. Işıl Telkes: When the babies are born, the intestines are sterile. So it doesn't contain any germs. After the birth, the intestinal environment starts to differentiate with feeding and some host of bacteria.
With breast milk intake, prebiotic fibers naturally present in the composition of the milk form an intestinal environment in which “beneficial ter bacteria are abundant (90-99%).

: So how is the situation in infants who can not get breast milk?
Exp. Işıl Telkes: However, the percentage of ”beneficial” bacteria in infants who do not receive breast milk and are fed with different foods may decrease to 68%. Decreasing the number of beneficial bacteria also leads to an increase in harmful bacteria. This deprives infants who cannot get breast milk from the beneficial effects of prebiotics.

: What are the benefits of breast milk prebiotics for the baby?
Exp. Işıl Telkes:
• They activate the immune system. They increase the development of beneficial bacteria, Bifidobacteria.
• They prevent the growth of bacteria that cause diseases.
• Mainly produce B group vitamins and K vitamins in the body.
• They provide the production of substances that help digestion.
• They protect babies from allergy risk.

: In other words, are the prebiotic fibers that ensure that infants who are breastfed are not frequently ill?
Exp. Işıl Telkes: Yeah. We should take care to give breast milk to babies. If Breastfeeding is insufficient or cannot be given, we should take care to feed the baby with formula containing prebiotic fibers.

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