Dear Baby Girl: Even daredevils get scared of labor

Dear Baby Girl: Even daredevils get scared of labor

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Dear Baby Girl,

Good news... you're officially named. Your mother and I were at dinner the other night and in between mussels, it just came to us.

ME: What are you going to order?

STEPH: Probably start with a small salad and then the white wine mussels.

ME: How about XX for a name? I'll get a salad too.

STEPH: I love that name. Ok, two salads and what kind of mussels do you want?

And just like that, you were named. No long lists of possibilities, no arguing, no picking a name out of a hat. It came to me, we agreed on it, and it was settled. So Estelle (your grandmother's name) will move to your middle name, and this gem that we picked out will serve as your first name. I think you'll like it. It's strong and balanced and yet soft and sweet. At this point, we're probably going to keep your name under wraps for a bit, but once it's out, let the monogramming begin!

We are down to seven weeks and counting til you show up, although I'm convinced you're coming early. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. Perhaps it's because my stomach is now brushing up against my knees, or because getting up off the couch requires the assistance of a passer-by.

Or maybe it's because everyone we know (including your Uncle Lester Holt (he's not really your uncle, but he's already signed up for the first wave of babysitting, so we're crowning him UNCLE) is slated to take vacation the week you're born, which would make for a very uneventful announcement.

Whatever the reason, you're coming early, so start packing.

This week's main pregnancy concern is delivery day. Now let me back up a bit here since our relationship only goes back about 8 months. I'm an adventure seeker. I love anything that keeps me off balance... the tallest roller coasters, the steepest water slides, the choppiest waters, the fiercest heights, the fastest speeds... anything that produces an obscene amount of adrenaline. So one would think that delivery day would be a snap, right?

IN MY HEAD:Water breaks. Head to the hospital. Exchange pleasantries with my OB who will be standing there waiting for me to arrive. Check out my delivery room. Get comfortable. Start pushing. Push harder. Take a coffee break. One more push. Out comes baby. Meet baby. Get dressed. High five doctor. Go home. Get good night sleep.

You mean it doesn't happen like that?

Anyway, as I was saying, despite being an adrenalin junkie, my only fear, sweet girl, is the dreaded needle. I have learned how to get a flu shot and a cortisone injection, but drawing blood, or, dare I say, an IV (which would be needed to monitor the epidural), literally terrifies me.

You're probably just wondering why I would want drugs at all if that's the case. Well, I had a Braxton-Hicks contraction the other day (it's a practice contraction... your body's way of preparing itself for the real thing) and let's just say I thought I was going to die of pain. That's when your mother reminded me that my pain threshold is just a wee bit on the low side and that drugs might actually be the best option.

With that in mind, I'm working through my psychological barrier, also known as my fear of needles. As long as I remember that you're the prize at the end of all of this, I should be able to through it, (should is in air quotes) but it's still no walk in the park.

So I'll share some advice with you that your grandfather once shared with me. The first time fear pushes you over - that first time you get on a bicycle, or jump in the deep end, or give a big presentation - push right back. Face that fear. Stare it down and own it.

Believe me, if I can survive delivery day, you can/will survive anything.



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