Cupid's choice: 10 decadent chocolate desserts

Cupid's choice: 10 decadent chocolate desserts

It is absolutely impossible to read this post without gaining 5 lbs. I'm telling you – imploring you – to STOP RIGHT NOW or you will be lured down a chocolate slide that leads to oblivion.

Or Weight Watchers.

Still reading? Hmph.

I tried.

Chocolate is my favorite food group. So it was with great pleasure and much discernment that I put this year's list of decadence together for you. I would choose each and every one of these as my last supper before facing certain death, and I would lick every last crumb off the floor.

That, my friends, is how good these are.

Cupid's Choice: Which dessert would you like spoon fed to you?

10 Decadent Chocolate Desserts for Valentine's Day

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