15 kids tell us what presents they really want this year

15 kids tell us what presents they really want this year

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What do your kids really want for the holidays? My 5-year-old is asking Santa for a real makeup set. A makeup set! It's such a funny answer I had to ask our friends' kids what they're hoping for.

Here are their answers, from youngest to oldest:

1. "A baby girl sister" – Cooper, 2

I love how sweet this is and wonder what Santa will bring.

2. "A snowman and a rocket" – Benjamin, 2

If Santa can bring a snowman and a rocket, can I ask for a personal chef?

3. "Cookies and chocolate. Lots and lots and lots of chocolate! I love chocolate!" – Emily, 3

Three might be my favorite age for Christmas. Chocolate seems like the perfect gift.

4. "Christmas lights and new games" –Quinn, 4

I wish Santa could bring someone to hang the Christmas lights because it seems to take a little longer every year we get older.

5. "I want Pomsies, Pomsies, Pomsies!" –Kate, 4

Pomsies are one of the hottest toys of 2018 and many kids will be asking for them. We received this answer multiple times.

6. "Pomsies and a real live lizard." –Griffin, 5

Another vote for Pomsies! I hope they live up to the hype. Good luck with the lizard, kid.

7. "Harry Potter Legos. Star Wars Legos. Many other Legos" –Mac, 5

We all love Lego. I fully support Mac's Christmas list.

8. "Hand sanitizer" –Sally, 5

At first I chuckled at this one, but then I remembered how awesome those new hand sanitizer containers are.

9. "Another Wii controller" –Jake, 5

As a younger sibling who never got to hold the game controller, I love that Jake is asking for another one. He probably wants his own so an older sibling doesn’t hog the other one all the time.

10. "A cell phone. But I should probably focus on things they'lll actually get me. So a gummy jewelry kit, a spy kit, and a secret journal – the MC2 stuff." –Noelle, 7

I have so many questions. Does Noelle not believe in Santa? What is a gummy jewelry kit anyway?

11. "Everything at Justice." –Emerson, 7

As a mom to girls, I relate to this one. The allure of Justice is insane.

12. "I want every Beanie Boo in the world. I know Santa has an Amazon Prime account." –Ava, 9

This is so funny because it's true. You know Santa uses Amazon Prime!

13. "Legos. Legos. Legos." –Ben, 6 and Ethan, 9

After all, they do say Lego is great for ages 3 to 99.

14. "Three less siblings." –Raquelle, 12

Ah, Raquelle. Your Christmas dreams will go unfulfilled.

15. "I really want a cell phone, an Australian Shepherd puppy, and a couple gallons of glue to make slime." –Ellery, 12

A girl can dream, right?

We keep Christmas very humble in our household, but we do like to fulfill one ridiculous wish for each child. While my 5-year-old won’t be getting the real makeup set she’s asking for, we are going to see if Santa can find her a kids’ one.

What do your kids really want this year?

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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