Losses of dietary drinks and causing premature labor

Losses of dietary drinks and causing premature labor

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Candidates should think twice when consuming diet drinks. According to research, diet drinks increase the risk of premature birth.

The mothers think they will get less sugar and reduce calories by drinking dietary drinks, but now they have to think twice when consuming dietary drinks. According to a study conducted in Denmark, one or more boxes of dietary drinks per day pregnant women who have 37 weeks before birth has increased risk of giving birth.

Between 1996 and 2002, the drinking habits of approximately 60,000 mothers were examined. Pregnant mothers who did not consume artificially sweetened beverages during pregnancy were compared with mothers who consume dietary beverages and as a result, it was observed that the risk of premature birth increased 38% for women who consumed one can of diet drinks and 78% for those who consumed four or more boxes a day.

Research experts, this situation is caused by dietary drinks caused by blood pressure disorders, he says. Experts also said that diet drinks can cause blood pressure disorders in non-pregnant women. Scientists suggest that water, natural juice or milk should be consumed instead of such unhealthy drinks.

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