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Book recommendations for children

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In my writings, I always talk about reading books to children for the benefit of thousands. I often emphasize that reading is a fun and educational activity for children. Of course, you parents know how useful reading is for children, but sometimes you may feel incomplete about book selection. You may not be able to predict which book will suit which age group. I wanted to introduce you to these books by selecting 5 different books in order to solve your shortcomings. Here are our books…

Red Bird:

Written By: Arslan Sayman
Illustrated by: Deniz Üçbaşaran
Om Publishing House
Age of reading: 3+

The story of the red bird living in a house whose walls are painted red is a concept developer for children who begin to learn the name of colors. The fact that the text is written in poetry also increases the sensitivity of young children to the language. The first illustrated page introducing the heroes in the story attracts the attention of children at the beginning of the book and intensifies their attention.

Mothers and offspring:

Written By: Aziz Sivaslıoğlu
Illustrated by Oğuz Demir
Ya-Pa Publications
Reading Age: 2+

A book in the form of a bag with four thick cardboard pages that the child can hold by the handle. Lean stripes, colorful paintings and simple history, especially prepared for very young children. This book, which is one of the first books to be given to the child, emphasizes the relationship between the mother and the child when she talks about the animals that little readers are interested in.

I miss my grandfather:

Written By: Gülçin Alpöge
Illustrated by: Betül Sayın
Root Publishing
Age group: 5+

A book that will run to the aid of children who are forced to experience this sad event when one of the elderly people in the family or a loved one dies. This book, which draws children to positive emotions with pastel-colored, friendly paintings and text in a relaxing speech style, emphasizes the power of warm human relationships and good memories.

Clown Pan Series:

Written By: Ümit Kireççi
Illustrated by: Erkin ergin
Lila Agency
Reading Age: 4+

A professional drama and animation expert prepared the Pan Clown Series, which consists of 12 books. After the theater education for years, pantomime, magician, as a juggler, theatrical exhibitions, animations, children, titaro lessons, the author, “Create the fun you dream of” under the motto compiles the activities of the reader is delivered through these books. It gives us a separate lesson in each book, for example, making puppets, making costumes, or teaching home competitions to take advantage of their experience. These books, which will be useful when organizing collective entertainments and parties for children, stimulate the children's imagination.

A Gift to Ata:

Written and Design: Nuran Turan
Illustrated by Metin Akbas
Portraits of Atatürk: Etem Çalışkan
Epsilon Publisher
Reading Age: 4+

An original kiatap design in which nine portraits of Atatürk were reached in a larger octagon as the octagonal pages were opened. The numbers on the pages guide the book to open and close correctly, while also testing the knowledge of young children who are just beginning to learn the numbers. Each page contains pictures and words that illustrate the qualities of a contemporary Turkish child who follows the principles of Atatürk.

Compiled by: IDIL SEDA AK

Source: Çoluk Çocuk Magazine

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